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Monna Paterra

Meet Monna Paterra! monna-paterra

Monna’s passion for interior design started many years ago with a love of art.  Now with twenty years’ experience and a deep understanding of the interior design industry, she feels grateful to have the gift of transforming her client’s desires into reality.

She specializes in kitchen and bath design and also makes selections such as plumbing, lighting, furniture, paint colors and accessorizing. 

Monna is driven to find what each client loves and work within those perimeters.  She also enjoys the challenging designs and will always tell you what you need to hear to reach your desired result.  She is thrilled at the end of a project when her clients have fallen in love with the space that she has created – it is very gratifying!

She enjoys each and every one of her clients and could not imagine dedicating herself to any other industry.

Monna’s resume includes working on the set of HGTV, restoration work at the Fox Theatre, and working in many prominent homes in the Detroit area.

Favorite Design Element:

“Rich, deep textures, and vintage motifs. CRYSTAL, CRYSTAL, CRYSTAL!!”


She has three children and two grandchildren and lives in Novi, Michigan. 

She was a runner in high school and college and ran in the junior Olympics and won a medal from Bobby Ore.  She also officiated and ran in a Boston Marathon and then later coached high school track & field. 

She loves to sew, crafts and paint.  But, most of all she loves transforming a space into a beautiful design and receiving the client’s satisfaction and gratitude!  There is no better feeling!