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Lori Jackson

Meet Lori Jackson! Lori Close Up

She is a married Mother of three children and three grandchildren. Family is an important part of her life and she enjoys spending time with her tribe. Home is a comfort for her, and often Lori wants to create a space that has that same essence for her clients.

Her hobbies are antiquing and visiting quaint off the beaten path towns and cities with fabulous downtowns. Lori loves working in downtown Northville, with its hometown feel and small unique retail shops and businesses.

Lori has been in the kitchen and bath industry since 1999. She has degree in fine arts, and that experience has given her a keen eye the design field. 

The love of design fuels Lori with the abundant color options, patterns, and textures. The ability to create a space that is both beautiful and functional has always been a passion.

Lori loves large and small spaces. Sometimes a design can really come to life with the knowledge to adapt and change the lay of the land. She will focus on making a space personal and her goal is always to have someone LOVE their home and LOVE what she has created for years to come. Often clients give her feedback on the simple details that she places into a concept design, those tiny details are sometimes the biggest impact for clients post renovation.

Lori keeps up on new trends by visiting local trade shows. She is very apt to recruiting vendors to aid in new concept products and firmly believes knowledge is power. She aims to be in the “know” so her clients can count on her to be knowledgeable about product and detail.

Bathrooms can be specifically challenging for most designers, they require vast product knowledge. Lori has made a career in bathroom design and prides herself in being exceptionally versed.

Kitchen renovations can be a challenge for a client. We typically tear out the most important part of their home. Her priority is to create a catered space that storagonzies, is functional, and yet enhances the homes beauty.

Lori loves to bring a classic design element to each project. She says, “I enjoy exploring and discovering what gets my client excited, maybe it is that tile has become the new wall paper or big bolds splashes of color, or mosaic blends. Whatever, it may be I try to show my client something that hasn’t been done before.”

Her favorite design element is, “A splash of color, reminiscent of watercolors and oil paintings”.