Long Design Gallery

Design Options

A common question we receive is “How does your design fee work?” The answer is that you have a few options…

Option 1:

This is the option that most clients prefer. A charge of $125 entitles you to the following:
  • Fact Finding Conversation.
  • This initial conversation helps us understand your project and preferences. It also gives us the opportunity to further explain our design process.
  • In-Home Consultation
  • Your design professional will come out to your home, usually for about an hour, to see the space you are remodeling as well as get a feel for your home’s style. If you would like to have additional spaces designed or receive more than an hour of in-home consultation, additional design fees may apply. See designer for details.
  • Measurements will be taken and questions will be asked to help us design specifically to your needs and preferences.
  • Custom Design & Proposal
  • Much time, effort and creativity goes into this important step. We’ll use our experience and expertise to create your highly functional and beautiful kitchen or bath.
  • Proposal Review Meeting
  • We’ll present a proposal that explains the details and costs of your project. This meeting usually lasts an hour.
  • You will see specific design perspectives (drawings) as well as a complete floor plan.
  • Determine Next Step
  • After the Proposal Review Meeting we’ll ask what you’d like to do next.
  • Most of the time the next step is to update the proposal based on updates discussed during your Proposal Review Meeting.

With this option there is not a large design fee commitment, and you are receiving a professional who will create a custom design and proposal for you. This option is a low-risk commitment and provides a tremendous value.

Option 2:

Occasionally clients ask us to complete the design work, buy the materials from us, but do not use our installation services.

With this option we charge an $125 design fee for:

  • Fact Finding Conversation, In-Home Appointment, Custom Design & Proposal, Proposal Review Meeting
  • Any design work past the first revision round is billable design time at a reduced hourly rate.