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February 6, 2009

If you have tried shopping for a toilet lately you most likely have been barraged by choices. White vs. biscuit. Round vs. elongated. Less water vs. more water. ADA height? And the list goes on. But what does it all mean!

When purchasing a toilet, first focus on comfort and flush ratings. Over the past 20 years the average height of a person has increased, so most people find a comfort height/ADA height toilet more comfortable. I am only 5’1” so I prefer the conventional height toilet.

For a good flush you will want to research the ratings of the toilet in question, along with how many grams it can flush per min. Rest assure that anything in the 800-1000 range is a fantastic toilet.

Less water… don’t fret if you toilet has less water that your use to, toilets have been 1.6gpf for quite sometime now, and yes they really do flush. The majority of them are quite as well.

If you would like to see examples of different toilet shapes, sizes, flushes, and of course finish colors. Stop by our showroom and one of our knowledgeable designers can match you with the right toilet and set up you installation.

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TJ Sterling March 30, 2009

Recently had Long’s install the new (or realatively new) Kohler cimmaron in our Powder Room. What a great toilet. NOTa water hog. Flushes COMPLETELY, first time no matter what and is quiet. Great for the guest powder room. It has many of the features mentioned in this blog. What a great deal. I highly recommend it to you if you’re replacing or building new.

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